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The ELN vehicle trading system is operated by S&S Internet Systeme GmbH. The company has been operating vehicle databases since February 1997 for the standardization of data records of various automotive suppliers and makes them available for further marketing.

Founded in 1998 the company added the vehicle trading system ELN.de in 2003. The system offers new and used cars of all brands and models especially for car dealers. This also includes european vehicles, as well as new vehicles from german distributors, to which resellers have access to. Apart from providing B2C-offers ELN also supplies additional B2B-marketplaces, such as the Vehicle-Outlet, Rebuy or the Extra Market. The B2B-Market also provides the possibility to order vehicles in bigger bundles.

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ELN (Eurocars Logistic Network) was created to provide an additional and future proven pillar for car dealer. To get there, ELN connected a reliable network of wholesalers for the last ten years. Right cars, proper description - happy deals.

The core of the system: Powercalculation

The calculation of ELN is userfriendly and has unique settings. Define the price margin with the help of price categories, which can be set as a currency value or in percent. And: Stored cars can be calculated differently to new cars. There is a wide set of options to adjust.

Follow the future trend

Nowadays, the trend shifts to multibrand car dealers, because customers brand loyality drops dramatically. On the other hand, more and more customers stay loyal to the current car dealer. This is attested by german car dealers as well. ELN is a reasonable addition for all car dealers to become more independent from big manufacturers.

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